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描述:  突来的疫情打乱了我们的生活,也隔开了我们之间的距离,那种被他人管着,约束着的日子,突然就没有了,是不是有种如释重负的感觉呢?!可是接下来,又有一个问题出现了,没有了他律,你确定你能做到自律吗?你能早睡早起,你能做到认真做好笔记,你能保持像在教室里学习的那种庄重?
The sudden news of the epidemic has impacted our lives and separated the distance between us. The days of restriction and constraints by the others are now gone. Isn’t there a sense of joy in the freedom?! But then presents another issue. Without the regulation of laws, are you sure you can fully understand self-discipline? Are you able to go to bed and wake up early, can you jot down notes with detail, and can you maintain the diligence of studying in the classroom? 


Without the regulation of laws, the objective goal seems to be a little less obvious. Let’s be honest, In the comfort and liberal environment of our home, it’s hard to resist the temptation of entertainment and self-indulgence, which slows down the children's progress. So, some children begin to get lazy, forgetting to be "serious", "proactive", "work hard" and "competitive", and acquire "laziness", "indulgence" and "happiness".


I don't know what your situation is now, or how you arrange your daily class work. But ask yourself, does the above description sound like you?


At Living Word Shanghai, we have seen many students these days stick to their academic goals, they completed the beautiful transformation of life being regulated by laws to self-discipline during this epidemic! Wow, you should all be proud of yourselves! The self-discipline shows that they are enthusiastic about learning, and by maintaining the self-discipline shows that they have perseverance. Their self-discipline deserves praise! Because behind these pictures, there is more to self-discipline, we learn patience, perseverance, restraint and demand of high requirements! And in the future, these qualities are sufficient to make them even stronger in their life. This week, another three Living Word students have been awarded the title of excellent students in online courses. Come and see who they are!
11A Shanel Sobredilla



At first, I assumed taking online courses would be difficult but my teachers proved me wrong because they are very well-planned and organized which motivates me to study well. Studying at home allows me to spend more time with my family but at the same time enjoy the online classes.





Shanel’s Mom: I am contented with how the online teaching are going on so far. The teachers are very professional and willing to help the students based on my observation with my daughter. Each lessons are well-prepared and organize. So far so good!



12A Irene Ma 马思语  

Irene感想 ?


From the start of the online classes I couldn’t get used to it, but now I’ve come to realize how easy it is, and how convenient learning can be. The teachers took classes through zoom, and used edmodo to arrange homework and exams. I think this way is not only convenient, but it’s easier to operate than in the environment of the classroom, and as a bonus, we get to save paper. In addition to the school's online classes, and doing homework in my spare time, I also have hobbies in making food, shooting vlog clip videos, etc., and just staying fit through ‘Keep’ the fitness app.





During the online classes, I pushed the children to adjust their work and rest time, to change their learning attitude, and mentally switch from vacation mode to home and study mode, and to change the false belief that offline class is better than online class, and to never be afraid of stepping outside your comfort zone, because you will learn to adjust. In the process of adapting to the change of class mode, I communicate with my children every day about the things she learned in class and what was interesting for her, and this helps them expand their knowledge by being curious in the field of research for relevant materials to supplement.



10B John Zheng 郑思成 









I think the courses arranged by the school during the epidemic are actually really good. I hope that I can return to school as soon as the epidemic is over. I can continue to work on all my projects and school works, and at the same time, I can also go out to exercise.






John的家长:在上网课这段时间以来,他的表现是非常棒的,自己安排学习时间和作息时间,不用我督促他,有时候数学上的疑问会和我一起讨论讨论,他在家能把自己的学习和生活有条不紊的安排好。空闲时间我们会一起打篮球活动活动,他也会画画动漫放松一下,高度自觉和自律,值得表扬 没有让我操很多心。也感谢给各位老师的帮助。"

Since the days of online class, his performance has exceeded my expectations. He has the responsibility to arrange his own study time, work, and rest time. I don't need to remind him. Sometimes he might ask questions in mathematics and I would help him. He can arrange his study and life in an orderly way at home. In our free time, we will join basketball activities together. He also likes to draw animation as a way to relax. He is good at taking initiative and is very self disciplined. He deserves praise for not letting me feel too stressed as a parent. Thank you for all your help.


行为养成习惯,习惯形成性格,性格决定命运。想要成就自己就必须要养成良好的学习习惯,“保剑锋从磨砺出,梅花香自苦寒来。”只有抵制得了自己“玩欲”的同学,才可能它日回到学校之际大放异彩,在 “网课”学习的过程中,自律尤为重要。希望同学以他们榜样,努力提升自己。

Behavior forms habits, habits forms character, character decides fate. If you want to achieve something yourself, you must form a good habit of learning, "BaoJianFeng comes out of the grinding, and plum blossom fragrance comes from the bitter cold." Only the students who have resisted self-indulgence to play will be able to outperform once they return to school. In the learning process of online class, self-discipline is particularly important. I hope that students can follow these examples and try to improve on themselves.
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